why us?

Strong On All Fronts – FCMG offers a team stacked with top level event marketing expertise. The bulk of FCMG’s important activities are carried out by the most, not the least, senior person to ensure the heavy hitters are the ones going to bat for your company.
Integrated – All of FCMG’s parts work together seamlessly. Our departments mesh on a daily basis to ensure your entire team is pulling in the right direction.
Results Driven– We focus on performance and build campaigns that inspire, engage and drive results.
Involved –We become familiar faces who are a part of your business. This allows us to identify opportunities with your brand sometimes before you do.
The Right Size –Your business will be our business. First Class Marketing Group’s measured client list allows us to dedicate focused attention on meeting your goals.

Direct Experience – FCMG is currently working with other marketing, advertising and media companies. This means we are already interfacing with influencers in the media who could help move the needle for your brand
Passion– Whether it’s a Business conference, product launch, or a special event, our team is obsessed and passionate about everything event related.
Partnerships– Because of our diverse clientele, we cross-promote often, giving our clients an immediate access to other industry leading brands.
Scalability– We’re a partner you can grow with. With national and international capabilities, our team is equipped to help propel fast-moving companies into marketplace success.

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