Weddings are such joyful events, but the sad truth is, they generate a ton of waste — 400 to 600 pounds of garbage per wedding, to be exact.

Jennifer Grove set out to change that after seeing the massive amount of flowers trashed in her past work as an event planner.
Her company, Repeat Roses, arranges to pick up the leftover blooms and donates them to nursing homes, hospitals and other places where they’ll bring the most joy.

“I love Monday mornings when our team shares post-weekend thank you emails from the couples, parents of newlyweds, hospice staff, children of parents in hospice and so on,” Grove told The Huffington Post. “I’m constantly inspired knowing my team’s hard work touches the hearts and lives of so many.”

The service is available nationwide. For more on Repeat Roses, watch the Upworthy video above.