Field Marketing

First Class Marketing Group is poised to make a difference through an expertly crafted and implemented field marketing program. We leverage our vast experience of extending brand reach through a variety of field marketing tactics that move the needle for our clients on a grassroots level. We can quickly summon, prep, and deploy legions of street teams, brand ambassadors, lead generators, sales supporters, and promotional models in cities across the country. You will get the marketing boost provided by the personal touch of human interaction with your brand at point of sale locations, expos and trade shows, hosted gatherings, public events, or through street-level guerilla tactics. We hold professionalism to a high degree in our company, so you can be rest assured that your brand is being presented and represented in a way that is fitting to the brand image you have built or hope to achieve.

  • Street Teams
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Lead Generators
  • Sales
  • Promotional Models

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