Social Media

Social media is the engine that powers word of mouth in our digital age. First Class Marketing Group can launch, revamp, or improve your social media efforts through informative, engaging, and entertaining content across a range of social media platforms. It is an art, a science, and a little bit of magic all at once that we have studied since the dawn of social media itself. We are scientists at working the formulas and algorithms which dictate how many impressions each post earns. We are artists who can create the perfect hues of subtle branding that are splashed into attention-getting content which elicits engagement and interest. We are also wizards at turning even the smallest of social media marketing budgets into a measureable force of influence. First Class Marketing Group can take the helm of your entire social media program from taking photos to making posts, or we can enhance your efforts with strategic counseling and content contributions. We also can help you keep your ear to the ground by tracking and handling direct messages, tags, and mentions across multiple social media platforms, transforming your customer service into a 21st century mechanism.

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